Oracle ignores data migration worries claims rival

EntepriseDB takes the opportunity provided by the recent release of 11G to have a dig at Oracle's data migration, its licensing costs, and its green claims about 11G.


Is enterprise right?

So EnterpriseDB has taken the opportunity to attack Oracle’s lack of focus on data migration. Does this make them right? According to David Cartwright of Korana, a company that has a lot of experience in the database field, not necessarily.

“Data migration in any environment is always mega hard when you have more than data in the migration project,” said Cartwright, who also doubles as Techworld’s technical editor. Cartwright is also not convinced that Oracle does not listen to customers, but concedes that it won’t necessarily listen to a “200 man strong travel company based in Bradford”.

“The issue (with data migration) comes when you have business logic attached to it,” he added. “That said, Oracle is not any worse at data migration than any of the other major database players.”

But Cartwright does agree that the vast majority of users do not use the full functionality of the Oracle DBMS system. “Oracle is an absolutely enormous DBMS, and 80% of Oracle customers will be satisfied with 20% of Oracle’s functionality,” he said. “I would encourage people who don’t need the hugeness of it to consider scaling down.”

Cartwright also agrees that Oracle’s licensing overheads are much worse than EnterpriseDB, and is scathing about the complexity of Oracle’s licensing policies.

“Oracle’s licensing complexity is an absolute abomination,” said Cartwright. “On some of the projects I have worked on, if we had the option of EnterpriseDB at the time, we may well have used it.”

Oracle could not provide a spokesperson at the time of writing this article.

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