Oracle ignores data migration worries claims rival

EntepriseDB takes the opportunity provided by the recent release of 11G to have a dig at Oracle's data migration, its licensing costs, and its green claims about 11G.


But Bale argues that PostgreSQL is a very mature technology and his company has bolted on much of the necessary functionality to satisfy enterprise demands. Indeed, he points out that databases from Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server are all derived from PostgresSQL. “It is the most mature enterprise friendly technology, but we have added the compatibly and functionality to operate in an enterprise environment,” says Bale.

“We are a young company, and have been incredibly successful,” Bale boasts. “We have nineteen new customers in Europe since January and we are currently speaking to large organisation looking at migrating substantial amounts of data from Oracle platforms.”

Too much functionality

Bale also argues that new databases, such as 11G, can sometimes have too much functionality. “Oracle is driven by very large, blue chip customers, but 80 to 90% of people don’t use all the functionality that an Oracle database provides,” Bale told Techworld.

“For the vast majority of people, new releases (such as Oracle 11G) mean significant upgrading expenses, otherwise their support options could disappear.”

Licensing costs

Indeed, Oracle has always been the focus of user complaints about the cost of their licensing, as well as the complexity of their licensing policies.

“They complain to me as well (about Oracle),” says Bale. “and I am more than pleased to show them an alternative.”

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