NetSuite unveils update for SuitePhone mobile app

NetSuite has updated its ERP mobile client, announcing a range of new features for the iPhone application.


NetSuite has updated its ERP mobile client, announcing a range of new features for the iPhone application.

Speaking at SuiteWorld 2013 in San Jose, chief technology officer Evan Goldberg highlighted improvements to its SuitePhone app which allows users of the cloud ERP system to access dashboards for viewing company key performance indicators (KPIs), just as they would on a desktop web application.

Updates include an improved calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views, task lists, and the ability to edit and change transactions in the app itself. It will also be possible to create and approve sales orders through the app, and make calls to other users through the ERP systems.

The overhauled iPhone app is currently available in beta testing for select customers, and will be released through the App Store in two months. Evans indicated that NetSuite will also roll out the update to other operating systems in future.

New functionality and features for its Suite user interface were also announced, with an updated user interface for the dashboard to be launched next year. Current updates include 'drag and drop' functionality for pulling files into the software from the desktop.

A 'Post-It' style virtual note-taking system was also announced, which allows collaborative note-taking with other users.

Goldberg also gave a glimpse of a new dashboard which is under development as part of a major user interface overhaul, which features an improved design and new functionality.

“It is a lot more visually compelling, with better presentation of information charts, KPI meters. But the pièce de résistance of the new dashboard is the MyWorklist, a portlet that includes all the record types that you need to operate in your NetSuite activities.”

The changes will be available next year in the user experience overhaul, Goldberg said.

He also highlighted the company's commitment to continuing to invest in the development of new features for it's range of existing software products.

“We have been spending more on R&D than ever before, with more than $50 million going on improving NetSuite products, and it is increasing,” Goldberg said. “That has allowed to grow our product team, with over 600 people working all over the world on NetSuite products.”

NetSuite also announced updates to its ERP system at SuiteWorld, helping the company extend its reach into the manufacturing industry .

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