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With power costs rocketing and electricity supplies becoming increasingly unpredictable, IT executives could benefit from completing the Global Action Plan green IT survey and thinking about new ways of working.


Undoubtedly you receive requests from a variety of organisations asking you to take ‘just a few minutes of your time’ to fill out their survey. And, let’s be honest, most often as quickly as these requests enter your inbox they are deleted from it. What is there to gain from filling out someone else’s survey?

Well this time we’d like to convince you there is much for you, the company, the sector, the UK, and yes, even the world, to gain from you taking just a few minutes to fill out the green IT survey, which is making its début on this site today.

IT emissions have for the most part evaded the spotlight, although they now account for a significant percentage of global carbon emissions, hovering very closely to those of the poster child for climate change, aviation.

This survey, by the newly formed Environmental IT Leadership Board, aims to find out the level of awareness of IT impact on the environment that exists between IT managers.

Chaired by the environmental charity Global Action Plan and backed by internet solutions provider Logicalis, the Environmental IT Leadership Board is the UK’s first end user green IT team. The group is comprised of members from Lloyds TSB, British Medical Association, John Lewis Partnership, E. ON UK and others, making up a diverse and influential group, committed to creating a positive change in the IT sector.

The Environmental IT Leadership Team aims to create an independent expert user group focused on exploring and publishing best practice sustainable IT strategies. While there have been other groups driven from the manufacturer side, this is first from the user perspective.

The Green IT bandwagon is heaving under the weight of environmental claims from all quarters. This survey will provide an independent overview analysing how users are responding to this new item on the agenda. Are vendors’ environmental claims confusing? Who is driving the debate? Completing the survey will give a picture of what is currently happening and will help users to develop practical solutions.

The survey will be part of a larger piece of research conducted by Global Action Plan called ‘The Inefficient Truth’. This research will be launched at an event at the House of Commons in early December, with the backing of Peter Ainsworth MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and maverick MP Alan Simpson.

This research will contain three main parts:

1. The aforementioned survey which will gauge the level of green awareness and activity in the sector now asking questions such as to what extent is the IT department involved in the development of your organisation’s social responsibility strategy and how important are environmental considerations in your IT purchasing decisions?

2. A carbon footprint of IT in the UK from equipment and the energy consumed, including indirect footprint of using equipment such as the air conditioning needed to keep it cool.

3. Examples of existing good practice in the sector.

And if getting a good picture of how sustainable IT practice is in the UK today isn’t good enough reason for you to fill out the survey we are offering a few incentives to those who give their contact details.

  • Each respondent will receive a complimentary copy of the survey results' Executive Summary with a personal email and link to download the report.
  • All respondents will be entered into a draw for one customer to win a complementary Green IT audit, to be conducted by Global Action Plan.
  • Each respondent will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 10 places at the launch of the report to be held at the House of Commons in early December.

At Global Action Plan, we know every employee can make a difference by taking simple actions such as turning off computers at the end of the day. But before you hit the power button please, take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

Global Action Plan is a practical environmental charity that helps people to make positive changes at home, at work, at school and in the wider community. By working together, we make the small changes that have a big impact on the things that matter.

Amy Sims is communications manager of Global Action Plan

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