HP goes renewable to shrink carbon footprint

HP is investing in renewable energy in the US and Ireland to try to reduce its carbon footprint.


HP is investing in renewable energy in the US and Ireland to try to reduce its carbon footprint.

The company has signed a contract with SunPower to install 5,000 solar-power panels in its San Diego facility. The installations will cover 10% of the energy used by the facility and save HP £375,000 in power costs over 15 years.

On 3 December, practical environmental charity Global Action Plan will launch in-depth research at an event at the House of Commons, with the backing of Peter Ainsworth MP, shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs and maverick MP Alan Simpson.

The research, called ‘The Inefficient Truth’, will reveal environmental awareness amongst the UK IT community and what steps are being taken to reduce IT's impact on the environment. The findings come from a Green IT survey conducted by Computerworld UK and backed by Logicalis.

HP also signed an agreement to buy wind energy from Airtricity, which has wind farms in the US and Europe. Airtricity will provide wind energy to HP's Ireland facilities in 2008, an effort that will save the company £20,000 for fiscal 2008. The investment will reduce HP's carbon-dioxide emissions by 40,000 tons, and make 90% of HP's energy use in Ireland renewable, the company said.

AMD already has a facility in Texas powered completely by renewable energy.

In the face of increased power demand by hardware and datacentres, many companies are focused on reducing power consumption and going green, Christopher Mines, analyst at Forrester Research, wrote in a May report. System builders like HP, IBM and Dell are pouring significant resources into building recyclable IT devices and energy-efficient manufacturing operations, according to Mines.

Companies are also developing calculators, benchmarks and techniques for customers to measure and reduce power consumption, Mines wrote.

IBM recently announced the Systems Director Active Energy Manager, an energy management package that monitors power consumption, and makes adjustments in systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption co

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