Green Zone: top stories you may have missed

Welcome to this special Computerworld UK round-up that marks the launch of our Green Zone.


The Green Zone is designed to help you deliver cost effective, environmentally sound IT. We aim to keep you up to speed with all the important issues - compliance, best practice advice, case studies and news of environmental initiatives by the supplier community.

If green computing is to be more than a tick in the box for organisations on their CSR report, or a new sales gloss for vendors, it has to deliver tangible and quantifiable business benefits.

The Green Zone aims to help you identify the issues and the tools that can make a difference for your organisation and our environment

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Editor's highlights

Welcome to the Green Zone

Smaller businesses 'are not going green'

Datacentre operators facing green tidal wave

Readers' choice

Outsourcers face green pressures from clients

New green IT group to tackle business ignorance

THUS launches virtualisation as rivals mock

Researchers use ionic wind to keep chips cool

NEC launches new breed of water-cooled PC

Digging deeper: Greening the datacentre

Put your datacentre on an energy diet

Guide lines for energy efficient datacentres

Energy efficicency metrics for the datecentre

Green blogs

Green Monk blog 'I have to believe technical solutions are going to help at least mitigate the effects of climate change. We need a combination of both top down and bottom up approaches to achieve anything.'

Editor's blog 'Green rhetoric is all the rage, but cutting through the verbiage surrounding the issue is almost as hard as delivering cost effective, environmentally sound IT.'

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Green papers

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Green archival storage

The green datacentre

Conferencing, collaboration and the green agenda

Environmental regulations in the hi-tech industry

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