Fujitsu Siemens to show 'zero-watt' PC at CeBIT

Fujitsu Siemens will be unveiling what it claims is the first zero-watt PC at this year's CeBIT.


Fujitsu Siemens will be unveiling what it claims is the first zero watt PC at this year's CeBIT.

The PC manufacturer used last year's show to launch a zero watt monitor that consumers no power when in standby mode. Most displays consume between one to five watts of electricity even when in standby mode but the Scenicview Premium Line Eco range features a patent-pending power supply that switch off completely in power-save mode.


Fujitsu claims its zero watt PC is the first in the world

The company is now turning its attention to creating a PC that consumes zero watts of power when turned off. The PC, which will form part of Fujitsu's Esprimo Green PC range, will be made available by mid 2009.

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Fujitsu is currently committed to making its PCs as green as possible. The company revealed that most of the machines in its business range consume less than one watt of power in standby mode, in line with new EU regulations, which come into force on January 5 2010.

The company also said that the Esprimo C/E/P5730 and E/P7935 PCs and the Celsius W370 PC also benefit from a 'low power soft off' function that reduces standby power consumption rate to 0.5W.

No details have been released about the specification of the PC or how Fujitsu Siemens is ensuring it has a power consumption of zero watt until the machine has been patented.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers will also display a new version of its Primergy TX150 S6 server at CeBIT. Fujitsu says the server that has been "optimised in terms of energy efficiency for use in small businesses" and "unites low energy consumption with high data throughput".

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