Forrester: Ditch monolithic app architectures or face disruption by digital competitors

Distributed microservice architectures are essential if organisations are to meet customer demand for modern digital services, Forrester Research argues.


Enterprises must ditch monolithic applications in favour of distributed microservice architectures if they are to meet customer demand for modern digital services, according to Forrester Research principal analyst Michael Facemire.

“Our clients need to be building on this type of architecture because, as technologies change and new opportunities come about, you need to have a modular technology base to adopt and react to change,” said Facemire.

“We can’t be building large monolithic software solutions we have in the past.”

Facemire, will be presenting a keynote discussion titled ‘The Technology Platform For Customer Obsession’ at the Forrester Forum for Technology Leaders’ in Lisbon on 2-3 June.

He says that business have often failed to tailor applications to the demands of customer who wish to access services across multiple platforms, with demands software services to be deliver for the web, mobile and increasingly, wearables and the internet of things. 

“In the past we have built software simply because we had to build software, we didn’t really take into account who we were creating it for," Facemire said. 

“Now that has changed because customers have so much choice, so we need to really obsess over our customers, understand what they want, when they want it, on what device, and then meet that need.”

To provide software that can scale to meet demands of customers, and enable a global access, businesses should investigate the use of microservice architectures and create applications that are built for the cloud.

“The distributed nature says that we should build that on the cloud, because that gives us the elasticity, the performance that we need. Therefore don’t build a big monolithic [architecture] in my datacentre and put it in somebody’s cloud, it means build it natively for the cloud,” said Facemire.

“Make the individual components be able to standalone - this is the microservices model that is becoming popular in the technology world. Adopt that so that the best that the cloud can give you is available to you because you build it the right way.”

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