Consulting services and ITIL: When it’s time to bring in a guide

Planning a holiday is similar to the journey IT organisations take to get the most value from their use if ITIL, the IT Infrastructure Library. Preparations is essential.


A guide for the planning stages

The journey to ITIL adoption requires disciplined planning and preparation. Here, your consultant is indispensable. An experienced BSM consultant will help you define and document the scope of your processes and break them down into smaller increments.

The consultant will then help you manage the people involved in those processes and define their roles and responsibilities. You can also expect the consultant’s assistance as you develop a process management approach, setting up ongoing metrics to accurately monitor your progress.

To avoid waste, you’ll need to closely estimate resource requirements. BSM providers are experienced in creating and validating realistic and detailed project plans. They know how to use those plans to accurately identify the resources required for each activity. Their knowledge at this stage will save you time, money, and energy, and prevent potential mistakes.

A guide for the road

The current state and maturity level of your processes will determine the approach you take in implementing new processes. Consultants use proven methodologies and metrics to accurately assess your current situation and get you started out right.

It may be necessary to implement several processes in parallel, such as interdependent processes. Leveraging their experience, consultants can ensure proper integration among processes, while also checking that the BSM solutions you implement support that integration.

Having been down this road before, an experienced ITIL/BSM guide has learned from the mistakes of others and can save you from making those same mistakes. Likewise, he or she can help you benefit from the successes of others.

When you arrive at your destination, you will find enhanced service quality, lower costs of service delivery, and greater ability to meet regulatory requirements. With the benefit of expert guidance, the rewards of your journey will be well worth its rigorous planning and execution. Let the journey begin.

Stephen Davito, is director of Consulting Services at BMC Software and is responsible for worldwide practice management in IT transformation consulting, IT service management, service automation, and identity management.

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