Consulting services and ITIL: When it’s time to bring in a guide

Planning a holiday is similar to the journey IT organisations take to get the most value from their use if ITIL, the IT Infrastructure Library. Preparations is essential.


Step 5: Be sure your gear includes BSM solutions. By the time you arrive here at Step 5, you’ve already covered a lot of ground. You’ve defined the BSM solutions sequence. You’ve created the IT transformation road map. Now, you’ve come to the point of your journey where you can deploy those BSM solutions.

Out-of-the-box BSM solutions translate the ITIL process guidelines into detailed best-practice processes. This gives you a significant head start. But you’ll still need to install the solutions and deploy the CMDB. And don’t forget to put technical support in place to help your end users in their use of BSM solutions.

Step 6: Don’t stop now. There’s more up ahead. Just when you think you’ve reached the summit, you see another peak ahead. You can use the metrics you developed in Step 4 to make changes that will move you along on your journey and improve your results. Continue to measure and improve the results in an iterative fashion. The horizon is always out there ahead of you.

Step 7: Get the best guide available. You can’t go on this trip alone. From planning and preparation, to starting out right and staying on course, you’ll need a qualified guide. This expert guide offers substantial experience in ITIL practices and BSM solutions to move you through the steps toward your destination without wasting time, money, or resources along the way.

Know what you can expect from your guide, so you’re not just following his or her lead blindly. A qualified guide should help you through all the stages of your journey: putting theory to practice, estimating resource requirements, choosing the right starting point, and avoiding pitfalls along the way.

To find the best guide, make sure that the consulting service you choose provides all of the following elements: comprehensive service offerings, in-depth experience in ITIL V3, expertise in BSM strategy and BSM solutions, and proven service delivery.

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