Consulting services and ITIL: When it’s time to bring in a guide

Planning a holiday is similar to the journey IT organisations take to get the most value from their use if ITIL, the IT Infrastructure Library. Preparations is essential.


Step 3: Know what you need. Starting a trip unprepared leads to setbacks and pitfalls. To make this journey successful, first select from the ITIL guidelines the processes you need to implement. But be realistic; limit your choices according to their practicality and the cost and time to implement. Consider your IT and technology structure and your business practices.

ITIL is process driven, and processes are data driven, so determine the foundation data you need for the processes you’ve selected. Do you need infrastructure configuration data? Performance and availability data? What about user data?

Determine whether to train some employees to be ITIL certified, so they can eventually help guide the organisation, too.

Step 4: Create an IT transformation road map. A major step in this journey is to outline the best plan for moving ahead to ITIL and deploying BSM solutions. This plan is your IT transformation road map.

Where will you begin? With incident and problem management? Or with change management or access management?

How will you proceed? Each area in your incremental approach will be translated into technology. Identify the BSM solutions you need to support your processes based on ITIL. A configuration management database (CMDB) will be an essential component.

The CMDB provides a single source of accurate information about your infrastructure. It is a repository of information that relates to all the configuration items — which can be hardware, software, people, or a process — across the IT environment. The CMDB is part of the configuration management system (CMS), which ITIL V3 defines as the set of tools and databases you use to manage your configuration data.

Your transformation road map will also include metrics to record the services delivered, from the end-user perspective. And you’ll need to build into your transformation map a training program on BSM solutions.

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