Computerworld UK's Green Zone launches

Over the past few months, Computerworld has run dozens of stories related to green IT issues. Now we've launched a dedicated channel on Green computing.


In the new "green computing" era, energy usage is now on par in importance with cost and performance when it comes to IT purchasing decisions. Enterprises are no longer just taking into account the cost of a technology solution, but also the social responsibility and environmental impact. IT managers and suppliers have come together on one issue: IT must become more energy efficient if we are to tackle climate change.

The term "green computing" has become a catch-all phrase that covers everything from the production of electronics using fewer toxic substances, to the energy efficiency of the system and finally the recycling of decommissioned equipment.

For this reason, Computerworld UK, along with our sister publications CIO and Techworld, is launching a dedicated channel on Green computing. Computerworld UK's Green Zone will interpret green computing terms, highlight new trends and technology and champion enterprises that are striving to make a difference.

For example, an IT manager might purchase a thin client solution, as compared to a traditional desktop PC configuration, to reduce IT maintenance-related activities, extend the useful life of the hardware, and allow for responsible recycling of the equipment past its useful life.

Let us know what you are doing to deliver green IT. Let us know whether your suppliers are delivering the goods or simply applying a coat of “greenwash” to a “business as usual” approach. Tell us if the growing number of environmental rules and regulations are a help or hindrance to your efforts to deliver environmentally sound IT.

For news on latest trends, advice on green implementation, and to get a clear sense of the priorities, direction and concerns of your fellow IT professionals, The Green Zone is designed for you.

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