BCS launches agile testing certificate

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has launched an agile software testing certificate.


BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has launched an agile software testing certificate.

Tim Cardinal, group product manager at BCS, said the Certified Agile Tester certificate (http://certifications.bcs.org/content/ConTab/88) was being introduced as an increasing number of organisations were looking to adopt different working methods in IT.

Agile testing sees software testers work closely with software developers in making sure new software is continuously tested and analysed in stages to make sure it is meeting the business and strategic goals of the customer.

Cardinal said: "We’ve seen a demand for new certificates such as this from IT professionals who want to gain the appropriate skills to ensure that they remain up to date.”

BCS said its research amongst software developers had shown up to 70 percent had reported that projects using agile or iterative methods were successful compared with just 50 percent for traditional methods.

The new foundation level certificate is aimed at software testers working in an agile project environment or those interested in agile working, such as managers and developers. The certificate is aligned to SFIAplus level 3 and is included in the BCS software testing career path.

Cardinal said: "Those undertaking the certificate will gain an understanding of the testing role within an agile project and be able to effectively apply practical skills associated with that role and map this to SFIAplus.”

The certificate is awarded to successful candidates who complete a five-day training course which features practical exercises, continuous soft skills assessment throughout the training, followed by theoretical and practical exams.

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