Apple to the core

Steve Wozniak is the other Steve who founded Apple Computers in the 1970s. Although he no longer works for the company he spoke to BCS assistant editor Henry Tucker about Apple, professionalism, nerds, geeks and robots making coffee.


What are your thoughts about professionalism in IT?

Well there are a lot of cases where lack of professionalism arises and grows and doesn't get noticed, partly because a lot of the work in IT is strange and foreign.

It's almost like a language of its own and the normal people in the company, the executives and so on, can't understand the technical aspects.

Even if you're creating a web page it's easy to hack around, play around and get a job done but not really follow standards. In my case for example I didn't have a college degree yet we started the company.

Apple has been going 30 years, looking back would you do anything differently if you had your time again?

Well I was the technician mainly, I was an engineer and there are a couple of things that I might have done differently but they are rather small things. I judge the work by quality and innovation and everything I did in the Apple days was A plus. I don't really feel that I had any places where I would do things differently.

The complete interview with Steve Wozniak is carried on the BCS web site.

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