Why culture more than technology will drive the Workplace of the Future IDG research finds

New research from Computerworld UK and CIO UK shows that the workplace of the future will be as much driven by culture and collaboration as it is by emerging technologies like AI and IoT.


CIO UK and sister title Computerworld UK launched the joint Workplace of the Future study last week at the 2018 CIO Summit, marking the first in a series of research we hope will be of use to CIOs and the IT community in the UK.

The report is available to download by registering with Computerworld UK.


The research is packed with insights into how the UK's IT community is thinking about the workplace of the future, but generally speaking it largely supported what we heard from our CIO steering committee: that the future workplace will be defined as much by culture, collaboration and flexibility as by flashy emerging technologies. For example, 80% of respondents cited greater flexibility as vital to attracting talent in the workplace of the future.

To do this we surveyed more than 200 senior IT professionals. We have broken down the research into six broad chapters, starting with how we understand that loose term 'workplace of the future' to the impact that technology is having and eventually who is responsible for it and how to deliver real value.

Of course no workplace of the future research would be complete without asking the big questions about artificial intelligence and how it will impact the workforce. We found that 80% of respondents thought that AI and robotics will reduce human roles in the workplace of the future, however only 6% reckoned that increased automation leading to job losses was a 'significant concern'.

This leads us neatly on to our next research project, titled: Making Artificial Intelligence a business reality. We will be investigating where the industry stands with AI today, where we're heading, and how senior business leaders are overcoming some of the challenges around the technology, such as lack of skills, the possibility of system bias, ethics, and training AI systems on business data.

Finally we would like to thank Fujitsu and Silver Peak for supporting this piece of research and to you for reading.

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