What a week: top stories you may have missed

Web 2.0 is a security risk, Linux doesn't cut it on the desktop and most firms don't know the value of their IT. There is clearly still room for improvement in the technology space - particularly in the eyes of analysts, and we are in the throes of conference season.


But whatever the shortcomings of today's technology, there is always a bright new tomorrow to look forward to. CWUK's editor Mike Simons is this week chairing a debate on the next 10 big things in the IT industry at an IT forum in Edinburgh. Read more.

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Editor's highlights

Four must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:

Lloyd's chiefs blast pace of technology change

'Tough action' promised by big two

Most UK businesses 'unaware' of value of IT systems

And only 12% know value of software assets

Police gain new encryption disclosure powers

Decrypt or face prison

Tesco says heat-seeking tool is beating customer queues

Thermal imaging heads shopping list of IT improvements

Readers' choice

Linux still doesn't make it on the desktop

It remains a Microsoft world

South West councils in massive venture with IBM

Ten-year deal is worth £400m

Web 2.0 is 'irritating and irrelevant'

Stop brandishing buzzwords about

BA pushes business change with management tool

Airline benefits from creation of single customer data store

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Green zone

UK ISP's sunshine-powered datacentre

As carbon-neutral as you can get

Energy-efficient computer is 'alternative' to PC

Uses 10% of electricity of standard machine

Carbon neutral datacentre in development

Hosting provider pledges first carbon neutral UK site

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Green Monk:

Date for the diary

Sun goes open eco

Will you pay the price for virtualisation?

IT's Torch Bearer:

Shared learning

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"Linux is great - in the datacentre. It doesn't cut it yet on the desktop.... That doesn't mean it won't ever make it on the desktop, or that it isn't good for certain job functions where you don't want to give people a full office productivity suite. It is horses for courses and open source and Linux are great on many courses but not all. "

From: Linux still doesn't make it on the desktop

Digging deeper: Analyst insights

Review IT to better manage remote working, warns Butler

Web 2.0 is 'security risk', warns analyst

Poor internal IT is 'prompting outsourcing' - Forrester

Digging deeper: Office apps and SaaS

Windows Vista SP1: no new features

Microsoft puts Office on the web

Adobe rivals Google and Microsoft with SaaS products

Microsoft offers XP downgrade to Vista users

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed