EDS 'exodus' as UK boss leaves

Sean Finnan, chief executive of EDS UK, is the latest exec to leave the company.


Sean Finnan, chief executive of EDS UK, is the latest exec to leave the company.

Finnan was also president of the board at industry body Intellect for two years to May 2009.

In the interim, it is understood Craig Wilson, currently VP applications for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is taking over at EDS. He will assume the title of VP for UK and Ireland.

Richard Holway, chairman at analyst house TechMarketView, said the move was part of an ongoing “exodus” at EDS that had seen other executives depart since HP bought the company.

Last month, in EDS’ US headquarters, it emerged that head of sales Bobby Grisham, finance boss Tom Haubenstricker, Americas boss Mike Koehler and human resources head Mike Paolucci, will leave in the coming months.

EDS executives are reportedly affected in a number of markets as HP looks to remove any 'duplicated' roles.

“Although one expects leavers when a company is acquired, it is very worrying to see so much EDS talent and experience disappear,” Holway said .

“In many cases the senior positions are taken by HP executives.”

A spokesperson at EDS could not be reached for comment.

In February, HP said EDS had contributed one third of its total profit for the first quarter.

HP is effecting a five percent pay cut across its global workforce, a move that provoked outrage at Unite union, which represents some of HP’s UK workforce.

It is also cutting 3,378 UK jobs over the next two years, as part of 25,000 layoffs worldwide.

In the UK, EDS has extensive public sector contracts including the Ministry of Defence's £7.1 billion DII programme and a series of multi-billion pound change programmes at the Department for Work and Pensions. It is also awaiting judgement in a £709 million lawsuit brought by broadcaster BSkyB over a CRM system implementation.

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