Your thoughts: How mature are cloud computing services?


Enterprise IT infrastructure & operations professionals have many cloud computing technologies to choose from today, and new solutions seem to appear all the time. What are all these technologies? How do you categorize them? Which are mature and which need a lot of work?

Forrester is kicking off a TechRadar on the topic and wants your input. A Forrester TechRadar attempts to provide clarity about the types of technologies in a given category and plot their maturity today and the pace at which it is improving, as well as the level of business value this type of technology will bring to enterprise IT.

Forrester defines cloud computing as: a standardized IT capability (services, software, or infrastructure) delivered via the Internet in a pay-per-use and self-service way. As a starting point, we have excluded Software as a Service (as Liz Herbert did a great TechRadar on SaaS already) and have carved up the rest of the cloud services into the technology categories below. Do we have them right? Are we missing any? If you have experience with any of the products in these categories (or others we didn’t mention) we want to hear your thoughts about them. How ready do you think these services are for enterprise consumption? Are they maturing quickly or is this area a wait and see?

Drop us a comment below or contact me directly at [email protected] or on Twitter at Staten7. And thanks for your contributions to Forrester research.

Cloud computing technologies to be included in this report are:

Technology category Subcategory Examples (not exhaustive)
1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms   Amazon Web Services EC2, The Rackspace Cloud, GoGrid
2. Software Platform-as-a-Service   Windows Azure, Google App Engine,
3. Cloud Infrastructure Services   Infrastructure IT services delivered from the cloud
 3a. Storage-as-a-Service Nirvanix, Amazon S3
 3b. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service SunGard Virtual Server Replication
 3c. Backup-as-a-Service Iron Mountain LiveVault, i365 Evault, IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services
4. Cloud Application Services   Application services delivered from the cloud
 4a. Database-as-a-Service Google BigTable, Amazon SimpleDB, MS SQL Data Services
 4b. Cloud billing services Google Payment, Amazon DevPay, Zuora Zcommerce
 4c. Integration-as-a-Service Amazon Simple Queuing Service, Boomi, CastIron, Informatica, Linxster, Online MQ, OpSource Connect, Pervasive
 4d. Business Process Management-as-a-Service Appian Anywhere, Intensil, Skemma
5. Cloud Management Software   Appistry, CloudSwitch, Elastra, RightScale
6. Cloud Labs   Citrix C3 Lab, Electric Cloud, SkyTap, Surgient Cloud
7. Desktop-as-a-Service   Feb. 19, 1964
   Desktone, MokaFive, Simtone, ThinkGrid

By James Staten

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