You Know You're Getting Old When...

Share don't recognise half the things these young chaps are talking about:

There are several innovations within the HTML 5 specification that will forever change the direction of the web, and one in particular - WebSocket - that will revolutionize the way we develop and deploy web applications. Until now, bi-directional browser communication has been an elusive goal of the Comet community, usually achieved with an assortment of hacks. However, with recent updates to the HTML 5 specification, developers can now use a full-duplex communications channel that operates over a single socket.

The HTML 5 WebSocket enables communication from the browser to any TCP-based back-end service (for example, JMS, JMX, IMAP, Jabber, and so on).

WebSocket? Comet? JMS? JMX? Eeek.

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