Yes, it's been 'interesting'...


Thanks for the kind comments about the site. I am glad so many of you wrote in to say you like what you have seen.

It has been an interesting week since we launched, and “interesting” is not a euphemism for the usual teething troubles of a new website. The ComputerworldUK launch has been surprisingly painless on that score.

Rather, it has been the news. Mega mergers among suppliers, legal disputes between others, more missing laptops containing the identities of thousands of people, IT professionals struggling to develop their careers and stock market problems compounded by IT failures. Interesting enough, but a fairly normal week in IT.

What I did find fascinating was the Indian government’s budget last week.

It didn’t pick up much coverage in the rest of the IT media, but the Indian government’s announcement of a tougher tax regime for its indigenous software and outsourcing houses could be very significant.

There are splits in the Indian IT industry, with some vendors demanding renewed tax breaks and others saying the industry is mature enough to pay its way

This will throw up a lot of questions for IT directors and senior managers about their outsourcing and offshoring policies – sending business processes and software development to India has been seen as a cheap option, but that could now change. We will be examining the issue over the coming months.

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