What a week: top stories you may have missed

Government IT - both in theory and practice - has been in the spotlight this week. The theory was there for all to see in the shape of the government's 'Service Transformation Agreement', which was touted as new but looked a little stale on closer examination.


And at the sharper end of things Work and Pensions minister Caroline Flint admitted that no work had yet been done on a key benefits system due in a year.

Over in the private sector, meanwhile, IT rationalisation projects have loomed large, with Cadbury, Royal Bank of Scotland and ArcelorMittal all facing up to different IT challenges in the months ahead.

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Editor's highlights

Four must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:

DWP 'has not started work' on key benefits systems

Delay leaves only 12 months to deliver £300m IT project

Cadbury says 15% of IT staff will go by Christmas

Outsourcing projects reshape internal IT at chocolate giant

Heinz puts IT vulnerabilities on the business agenda

Don't get in a soup by leaving it to IT

Pre-budget report: 'new' IT code has familiar look

Transformational Government agenda gets an update

Readers' choice

Canonical chases deal to ship Ubuntu server OS

SAP buys Business Objects for £3.3bn

Darzi will probe NHS IT programme for 'clinical benefits'

RBS consortium facing tough IT choices with ABN Amro takeover

ArcelorMittal signs global network deal with BT

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"The public doesn't need ID cards at all, but the Home Office wants us to have one so it can track and control the transactions we make. When you put "your" ID card in the reader and type in a PIN the Home Office will record exactly where you were and what you were doing and hold the record for the rest of your life. If the Home Office thinks you shouldn't be allowed to carry out that transaction, it can instantly deny permission.

This is why the Home Office wants ID cards, and also why they must be stopped."

From: Chip-and-pin capability 'justifies ID cards investment'

Green zone

London office workers cull forests for pointless printing

IT can reduce a company's carbon footprint

IT managers get help with server efficiency

Digging deeper: Public sector focus

Data sharing drives Passport Service takeover of GRO

Smooth e-passports roll-out prompts questions over ID cards

Jobcentre computer systems 'lack basic functionality'

Office of National Statistics surprises with staff transfer under Flex scheme

Digging deeper: Security latest

Patch Tuesday: IE, Outlook, Word get critical bug fixes

Information Commissioner launches data sharing code

Lax passwords expose quarter of PC users to theft

Microsoft offers Internet Explorer 7 to pirates

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