What a week: top stories you may have missed

Too often security is seen as a burden on the IT organisation, but the Alliance & Leicester bank this week showed that high quality, highly visible security can be a boost to business.


Rival bank Egg, meanwhile suffered an embarrassing failure when it was taken offline by its telecoms provider Cable & Wireless. And Microsoft did little to endear itself to Windows Vista users when its licence validation system branded legitimate users as pirates.

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Editor's highlights

Alliance & Leicester says security is driving online growth

Bank moves to Accenture's Alnova platform to become more competitive

Microsoft failure brands genuine Vista and XP owners as pirates

Embarrassment as users struggle to keep their machines functioning

Egg blames Cable & Wireless as website restored

Online bank struggles with outage

Readers' choice

Open Source licence proliferation could threaten business IT

Are CIOs and IT directors turning a blind eye to new risks?

Financial services firms face flu pandemic - on paper

Pandemic test measures impact on telecoms, online banking and ATMs

Fake Gates Foundation malware spreads

Phony messages appearing in UK after blitzing Australia

Hackers target enterprise servers running Trend anti-virus

Scans spike after vulnerabilities published

United Nations hit by keylogger and trojan attack

UN serves dangerous malware after online attack

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"If you are using open source for inhouse development of a bespoke solution then one of the key issues to be concerned about relates to the Intellectual Property "ownership", as you are required to re-contribute open source code back into the OS community."

From: Open Source licence proliferation could threaten business IT

Digging deeper: Open Source Update

IBM may open source Jazz collaboration software

Open sourcing can boost uptake says exec

Red Hat Linux flies high with Singapore Airlines

A PC in every seat on new planes…

Red Hat offers virtualisation training for RHEL 5

How to make the most of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Digging deeper: Security and virtualisation

Security in a virtual reality

Virtualisation increases IT security pressures

Digging deeper: Green IT

Citigroup invests in green datacentre

Bank claims the facility will cut 11,000 tonnes of CO2

Datacentres at risk from poor governance

Environmental pressure to boost use of methodologies like ITIL

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed