What a week: top stories you may have missed

If this week reminded us of anything, it was the need for every organisation to archive key documents and correspondence effectively.


Tesco and Asda are providing the Competition Commission with millions of emails as part of its inquiry into allegations of supermarket abuse of suppliers. It's safe to assume that not being able to find those emails wouldn't go down well.

Meanwhile, Richard Steel, CIO of Newham, London's Olympic borough, has this week been musing on his blog about Community IT's poor treatment.

Editor's highlights

Three must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:

Nestlé boosts business intelligence with Cognos tool.

Food giant wants more from SAP Business Warehouse investment

How blogging can boost your career

Writing a blog can land you a job

Tesco and Asda email probe highlights need to archive.

Courts won't look kindly on deleted email.

Readers' choice

Volvo secures mobile working for 17,000 users

Carmaker plumps for iPass platform after tests.

Visa warns of PCI security deadline

Foot-dragging merchants will be fined

SAP will set out on-demand plans on 19 September

A1S product will be aimed at SMEs and ship next year

Bag manufacturer keeps emails flowing with continuity tool.

Neverfail software to the rescue

New tool turns users into SOA programmers.

SOA, SaaS and mashups all in one.

CIO blog

Catch up with the thoughts of Richard Steel, CIO of Newham- a Londonborough in transition and home of the 2012 Olympics

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"I ordered my M1330 on 22 July, and got an estimate of delivery on or before 24 August - I today received an updated delivery date of 8 October. Eleven weeks since ordering, in other words. The website still shows lead times of four to five weeks, which is the same information I got from the phone sales guys, so someone is being lied to. What's made me furious is they took the money from my credit card last week in full, in direct contravention to their promises of payment on shipping."

From: More delays at Dell

Digging deeper: Green IT

Sun and Fujitsu turn their own datacentres into green showrooms

Energy efficiency will deliver ROI in three years says Sun.

Green-thinking CIOs look to drive business change

IT chiefs can drive environmental strategy and cut costs

Citigroup invests in green datacentre

Bank claims the facility will cut 11,000 tonnes of CO2

Digging deeper: Skype stalled

Windows update killed Skype's VoIP service

Bug in Skype's software revealed by routine patching

Don't use Skype in your business says Microsoft

Call quality is fine but your business information might go missing.

Skype lives to fight another day...

but its reputation is sorely wounded

Digging deeper: Data protection

Monster.com identity attack may claim more victims

Malware and ransomware for job seekers

Police breakthrough on stolen TK Maxx data

Ukrainian Man caught 'red handed' in Turkish nightclub

Data breach lawsuit against Fidelity Information Services

Suit accuses FIS of negligence

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