What a week: top stories you may have missed

Two years on from the London bombings, it turns out the police's Airwave digital radio contract did not require the system to work inside buildings or underground. And that comes only days after police data went missing from a forensic investigations firm.


Elsewhere, Microsoft's August patch release was the biggest for six months - no less than nine sets of patches covering 14 vulnerabilities. Take our poll and let us know how Patch Tuesday was for you.

In his daily blog, public sector CIO Richard Steel writes that London's Olympic borough Newham has created bite-sized online training modules to integrate its back office team with its ICT team.

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Three must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:

Bombings inquiry slams police Airwave radio contracts

Contracts did not stipulate radio should work inside buildings...

Goldman in £1.5bn bail-out after computer models fail

Automated trading unable to cope with unpredictable markets

Linus Torvalds discusses Linux

Linux daddy talks about Microsoft and open-source future

Readers' choice

Novell: 'We're not SCO' and we won't sue

Novell promises no legal action after its patent victory

Dell users face heavy premium for Vista

Dell's launch of open source PCs reveals Vista cost

Marks & Spencer signs up IBM for in-store systems refresh

Big Blue set to implement Beanstore Epos application

iSoft system brought down at NHS hospital

HP hardware failure caused two-day outage, says iSoft

Seventy staff to transition across to CSC

Seventy staff to transition across to CSC

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"...Novell is currently embedding tons of proprietary [Microsoft] code into its SuSE distribution and other third party Open Source packages. If everything works out for Novell, they will be the lone commercial Linux distro available - they won't need to sue. Goodbye Linux; so long Open Source; fare thee well oh Freedom."

From: Novell: 'We're not SCO' and we won't sue

Digging deeper: Public sector

Seventy staff to transition across to CSC

Costs mount as justice IT progress stalls

C-NOMIS future in doubt

C-NOMIS future in doubt

Police data stolen in server heist

Break-in prompts security review at forensic investigations firm

UKVisas slammed over security hole in outsourced website

Inquiry finds 'inadequate central control' over outsourcing contract

Government says no to NHS IT review

But prepares to award major new contracts

Digging deeper: Financial services

Faster banking payments launch delayed by six months

Tricky testing scuppers November deadline

RBS offers 13 million customers mobile banking

Signs up to Monilink/Monitise service

Digging deeper: Olympics

Olympics organisers reject Windows Vista

Microsoft XP-based PCs preferred by organisers

IT at Beijing Olympics to cost more than £200m

With a year to go, testing begins in earnest

Government left IT costs out of Olympic bid budget

Blunder only rectified 16 months after games awarded to London

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