What a week: top stories you may have missed

With the half-year results season in full swing, two major global players in two very different industries revealed this week how streamlined IT is making a difference.


Royal Bank of Scotland and Unilever have both embarked on major IT-driven business process change that promises big cost savings - in Unilever's case the prize is an eye-popping £1bn-a-year off its bottom line by 2010.

And Richard Steel, CIO of London's Olympic borough Newham, has begun blogging for Computerworld UK, spelling out the day-to-day challenges of what is one of the UK public sector's leading IT roles.

Editor's highlights

Three must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:

NHS planned to take over troubled supplier iSoft

Minister had team ready to ensure delivery of key NHS software

Unilever IT programme drives £1bn-a-year savings

Converged IT enabling 'One Unilever' project

Boots drops IT director role as Rob Fraser quits

Retailer to split functions between lower-level managers

Readers' choice

Dell launches Linux PCs in the UK

New Inspirons will have Factory Installed Ubuntu

Wal-Mart CTO details HP data warehouse move

Twin supplier strategy paying off...

Atos has 'learned lessons' from healthcare unit woes, says analyst

Cancelled contracts prompt rethink

Data sharing efforts should increase, say MPs

Council tax take-up 'could be improved'

Amazon launches Flexible Payments Service

System should smooth money-dealing issues

You said it:

"GPs have had excellent database computers for many years, with much useful coded information on them. Why were these not scaled up to hospitals? For two reasons, I suspect: a) hospital consultants and managers think they are cleverer than GPs - so what is there to learn from primary care? b) computer consultants prefer to start from scratch rather than adapt existing systems. They will always argue the case for the newest technology."

From: NHS planned to take over troubled supplier iSoft

CIO blog

Catch up with the thoughts of Richard Steel, CIO of Newham - a London borough in transition and soon to be home of the 2012 Olympics.
Read it here

Digging deeper: Financial services focus

Turquoise delays launch, denies rift in bank consortium

New pan-European exchange on verge of choosing platform

RBS hails IT as profits climb

Productivity improvements on static overheads

Hacking attacks against banks up 81%, says report

Growing number of hackers in China

Lloyds TSB axes 210 UK IT staff

Rest of 3,000 strong department to remain UK-based

Digging deeper: LinuxWorld 2007

LinuxWorld: Amazon chooses IT services over large datacentres

Intelligent resourcing is key

LinuxWorld: Linux code maintainer allays fears about forking

Morton slams Sun for fragmenting non-Windows OS world

LinuxWorld: Open source going mainstream

Adoption choices guided by hard-nosed business

Digging deeper: MoD contracts

MoD begins £80m roll-out of electronic health records for military

Designed for quick access to medical records in the field

MoD first to get cross-government travel booking service

Capgemini wins another government contract

White papers

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Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows Desktop and Laptop Option

Laptop durability and security report

Independent software testing

Linux performance and tuning guidelines

Web filtering appliances heat up the hardware vs software debate

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