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Security researchers gathered in Vegas this week for the Black Hat Conference, to hear experts wax about vulnerabilities and new methods of attacks.


But one hacker who doesn't want to go to the US is Gary McKinnon, the ex-systems administrator accused of conducting the biggest military hack of all time: breaking into Nasa and the Pentagon. He found out this week his appeal against extradition will be heard by the Lords.

Meanwhile spammers are jumping on the Simpsons Movie bandwagon by offering an email complete with Homer's underpants. Ay caramba!

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Credit card platform slashes 16% from per-account costs

Government warned on wasteful IT disposal

Holding onto IT assets is bad practice, warns NAO

Intelligent Finance website brought down by hardware upgrade

Knocked out for much of Sunday and Monday

Readers' choice

'Nasa hacker' McKinnon wins right to Lords hearing

One last chance to avoid extradition to US

Government ramps up electronic borders scheme

Iris and facial scanning on the way

Spammers work Simpsons scam

Homer's underwear used in email trick

Atos Origin buoyed by contract wins after tough first half

Firm signs £290m worth of UK contracts

Apple confirms European iPhone release date

On sale in final quarter of this year

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"Most people accept the laws of countries they are currently in. What is going on with Gary McKinnon is that all of a sudden we find we are subject to the laws of a country we may well have never visited. More importantly we have had no say in electing its government and influencing what we consider to be reasonable tariffs for crimes committed."

From: 'Nasa hacker' McKinnon wins right to Lords hearing

Digging deeper: Black Hat hacker conference

Black Hat: NSA guru lauds security intelligence sharing

Public and private sector cannot tackle security in isolation, says NSA

Black Hat: Apps security is main focus

Black Hat focus moves from internet viruses to application security

Black Hat: New database attack revealed

Timing attack doesn't need application bugs to work

Black Hat: US immigration refuses entry to presenter

German security expert refused entry because of presentation materials

Digging deeper: Vista

Vista performance fixes leaked in new beta

Turbocharging the tortoise

Researchers expose Microsoft Vista's kernel securityResearchers expose Microsoft Vista's kernel security

Free utility shows up 64-bit version of OS

Digging deeper: Web 2.0

IBM workers warned over Second Life behaviour

Official guidelines for IBM sales centre staff

Sir, no sir!

US military clamps down on its troops use of YouTube and MySpace

Meet Web 2.0's evil twin

Security often lagging in Web 2.0 development

Blogs and wikis: Not IT's problem

Policies for blogs and wikis must be set by users, not IT

White papers

The 'Paperless' Bank A Reality

Wireless Technology Vital to Increased Business Productivity

Laptop durability and security center

How SYSPRO Leverages a Lean Manaufacturing Model to Enhance Profitability

The Impact of Technology on Cost in Business Process Outsourcing

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