What a week: top stories you may have missed

Major outsourcing deals, a massive row over document standards and some star performances by IT departments have not been able to completely divert attention from the ongoing debacle at Heathrow's Terminal 5.


Editor's Highlights

Shell signs £2bn multi-supplier outsourcing deal

What spooks Microsoft's chief security advisor

IT managers take back seat on enterprise 2.0

Woolies supply chain IT rings in profits

Waste Management sues SAP over 'complete failure' ERP

Reader's choice

Hackers give Linux an easy ride

Aaron Seigo, KDE project lead speaks out

Low-cost laptops - an offer Microsoft can't refuse

Electricity companies pay IT organisations to save power

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Datacentre energy efficiency: Money in the bank

Linux: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Telecoms outsourcing: Virgin on the sensible

The learning Platform stitch-up

Digging Deeper: Terminal 5

Terminal 5 fiasco - it's pass the buck time

IT problems hit Heathrow Terminal 5 opening

Terminal 5 to put London back on map, says British Airways CIO

Staff logon problems behind baggage disaster at Terminal 5

Digging Deeper: Desktop upgrade

Enterprises may skip Windows Vista and IE7

Office 2007 adoption far outstrips Vista uptake

XP to live on thanks to low-cost laptops

Google brings offline access to Docs and Apps

Digging Deeper: Open standards

Microsoft confirms ISO OOXML approval

OOXML approval only first step in road to adoption

Microsoft's ISO win may worsen antitrust woes

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