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NHS IT chief Richard Granger’s resignation means everything is up for grabs in the world’s largest IT project. His shock move certainly diverted attention from a damning MPs’ report on the cost of contractors to the public sector.

Microsoft’s pursuit of licensing agreements with Linux distributors has had open source supporters up in arms, while industry giants HP and BEA have both held user conferences this week.

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Editor’s highlights

Microsoft pursues Red Hat Linux deal Pressure mounts for more indemnification deals

NHS IT chief Granger quits Head of £12.4bn programme will go before roll-out of crucial care record system

British Airways grabs IT management degree students Pilot scheme takes off for university students

Readers’ choice

Microsoft's Linux patent threats dismissed as baseless Linux Foundation Summit shows no fear

Torex Retail sold amidst 'breathtaking corporate governance issues' Private equity firm steps in to rescue supplier to blue chip retailers

Europe under intense cyber attack Ten thousand legitimate sites compromised in hack

Data on 65,000 staff stolen from work experience student's car IT managers ordered to carry out immediate data protection review

Official: White House staff 'circumvented' e-mail system Shades of Watergate and Enron?

You said it

“There is the distinct possibility that through these deals, Microsoft will tie up the high levels of the organisation and keep them from creating work arounds (for) the patents when Microsoft unleashes its brigade of patent lawyers.”

From: Microsoft pursues Red Hat Linux deal

Linux latest

Away from the anger and fear surrounding Microsoft’s pursuit of licensing agreements with Linux distributors, it has been a busy week for the open source community.

Specsaver migrates to open source with Red Hat Retailer automates updates with management technology

Red Hat Linux gets government security approval Open source OS is just as good as Trusted Solaris

Linux helps Oracle databases stay ahead of IBM Microsoft comes in third, Gartner reports

Novell issues Suse Linux service pack Quad-core support included in raft of other features

NHS update

More news on CSC, iSoft and the fate of the NHS’s National Programme for IT.

NHS supplier iSoft signals sale to IBA back on agenda Notice to shareholders follows 'constructive' talks with CSC

NHS IT chief Granger says CSC will take control of care record system delivery Roll-out will begin next year, Granger promises MP

NHS IT chief warns contractors could seek compensation Granger claims his departure could force contract renegotiations

HP focus

Catch up with all the news from this week’s HP Forum in Las Vegas

Chief exec keeps on the pressure Outlines green ambitions and promises distribution to customers

Storage can be green Cooling costs can be cut by half

HP offers to bring sanity to storage New tools for dynamic storage management

Three new tape products launched Effort to maintain share of declining tape market

BEA summit summed up

Get the news from this week’s BEA Arch2Arch Summit in Nice

Bank highlights SOA challenges Monitoring security and governance issues are with SOA

T-Mobile preaches careful choice of SOA consultants SOA projects regularly take between five and 10 years to complete and require a large commitment from the firms involved.

Virtualisation makes SOA more effective Technologies can work together, say vendors

Do not rush SOA projects To avert failure, don’t rush complex SOA projects

Standards solve SOA problems, says HP SOA project managers face complexity and the loss of direction

In depth

Interview: Motorola CIO on recruiting and retaining talent Patricia Morrison talks about skills and motivation in the global marketplace,

International rescue: cooperation against the botnets Law enforcement agencies are making the battle against botnets a global one

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