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Editor's Highlights

Only Microsoft can challenge Google – when it knows what to do

Open source firm chosen for schools IT framework deal

Virtualisation causes backup problems

Is Sun Solaris on its deathbed?

Microsoft: We're not afraid of the cloud

Reader's choice

Lehman IT job fears calmed as Nomura buys investment and equity units

Second guilty plea in world's biggest hacking case

Bentley Motors rolls out £10,000 'Ego' laptop

NHS to make patient data available to private companies

UK prefers mobile broadband over Wi-Fi

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Another big day

IBM Fires a Shot Across the ISO's Bows

Mergers, acquisitions and the crisis

Linux triumphs in UK schools as hell freezes over

Google and GE joining forces on clean energy

Digging Deeper: Security

Hotmail and Gmail join Yahoo in password vulnerability

Payment industry compliance ‘not enough’ for retailers

Organisations fail to protect against Web 2.0 security threats

Amazon cloud service ridiculed for flaws

Can we be compliant and yet insecure?

Digging Deeper: Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle may not release Fusion Apps suite until 2010

OpenWorld: Oracle puffs up cloud computing, keeps quite about Fusion

OpenWorld: Oracle highlights new application grid

Ellison highlights high-speed data warehouse server

Oracle 'X': Not 11g R2, not solid-state disks

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed