Vyatta (Hearts) Its Community


It's a truism that open source software needs a vibrant community if it is to thrive itself and remain responsive to users' needs, but there's an important implication: companies based on free software must nurture that community. The latest to do so is Vyatta, which has just set up a new community site. As it explains:

Vyatta has commoditized router, firewall and VPN deployment in the same way that Linux commoditized the operating system market. Vyatta open-source networking offers you an alternative to over-priced, inflexible products from proprietary vendors.

As for the site:

This is your space to document, communicate, and collaborate about all things Vyatta. There are lots of valuable tools on this site including technical information and useful tips and tricks. You can even vote for future enhancements to the Vyatta software.

Such community sites are useful places for gaining an insight into what open source projects really do, how they are progressing – and just how healthy they are.

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