Vista's Poor Outlook


Just how bad can things get for Windows Vista? This bad:

Roughly half (53 percent) of respondents said that they "have no plans to deploy Vista at this time." Other plans for Vista included installing it for testing (18 percent), new machines only (14 percent) and other uses (two percent). Just 13 percent said they planned to be fully deployed on Vista.


The survey was conducted by e-mail, tapping the responses of "front-line IT professionals" (managers responsible for teams of IT professionals) and "IT executives," for a total of more than 900 participants, according to Diane Hagglund, a King Research analyst.

It's only one data point, but it adds to the growing evidence that Vista is the wrong solution at the wrong time.

In the face of this evident reluctance by companies to stay on the upgrade treadmill and meekly to adopt the latest Windows version, I expect that Microsoft will bring forward its plans for a new Windows. Perhaps this time it could concentrate on making a lean system that actually delivers some value to users, and not just to Microsoft's chums in the content industries through to its non-optional and Draconian DRM “features”.

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