VIA's Ways and Memes


VIA was fairly late to the openness game, but it seems that it's really getting the hang of it now:

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today introduced the new VIA OpenBook mini-note reference design targeted at the rapidly growing global market for ultra-portable notebooks.


In addition, under a unique collaborative approach, the CAD files of the external panels of the reference design are offered for download under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license to give customers such as OEMs, system integrators, and broadband service providers greater freedom in tailoring the look and feel of their device to meet the diverse needs of their target markets.

Not content with distributing all this Open Goodness, VIA has even sought out an official Open Blessing:

“VIA is a forward thinking company that has realized that sharing enables a healthy ecosystem which helps them provide an innovative product which supports their core business," commented Jon Phillips, Business and Community Manager for Creative Commons."Making the actual raw CAD files available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license is a brilliant first step that clearly and legally allows others to emergently build upon VIA's open innovation."

The point here is not so much that you can rush down to your local open fabber store and knock up a quick ultra-portable notebook using VIA's cc-sa files that you hacked in your bedroom, but how completely the company has internalised the openness meme, and integrated into its everyday marketing puffery.

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