UK Businesses Indifferent to Intellectual Monopolies


Here's some interesting research from the UK government:

New research commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office's IP Crime Group shows that many businesses are not doing anything to ensure they protect their intellectual property. This is despite an overwhelming majority of businesses understanding the need to protect intellectual property.

Well, I'd offer a different interpretation. The results of the research suggests that UK business simply doesn't think intellectual properties are worth expending time and effort on, because they don't really matter in this day and age. And, of course, they're not alone: most young people would tell you exactly the same thing.

So what this survey really underlines is that it is the media industries' obsession with preserving an out-dated business model based on enforcing intellectual monopolies that is out of step with the rest of society. The results provide further evidence that it is time the content industries got over this hangover from the 20th century, and moved on to more profitable activities like exploiting the incredible opportunities offered to them by the Internet.

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