Trading halted on BATS exchange due to networking problems

BATS halted trading on one of its exchanges on Thursday due to a networking issue.


BATS halted trading on one of its exchanges on Thursday due to an internal networking problem.

Trading on the US-based BYX exchange run by BATS was stopped at 9.44am EDT due to “internal network issues”. However the BZY Exchange, the larger of the two exchanges, and BATS Options are not believed to be affected.

The exchange operator stated that it is currently investigating the problems and working to get systems back online. 

A statement on the BATS Global site read: “Please be advised that BATS BYX Exchange is continuing to investigate system issues. All stuck orders on BYX Exchange have been cleared.”

The outage is the latest in a number of IT related problems that have affected exchanges in recent months. BATS experienced its own problems in August, when another networking failure caused its trading systems to go offline for an hour. A previous IT problem also hampered BATS' own IPO, which was blamed on a major software failure.

Last month Nasdaq OMX called a three-hour halt to trading as its securities information processor (SIP) was overwhelmed with messages from rival exchange NYSE’s Arca system in  a high-profile systems failure. The outage led to demands from the Securities and Exchange Commission that exchanges improve safeguards.

It emerged earlier this week that the two rival exchanges are investigating the unusual move of potentially running backup system for each other's benchmark stock-pricing data in order to avoid further problems.

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