Towards the Holy Grail of Virtual Worlds


Recently I was writing about recent advances in open virtual worlds, and their increasing applicability to enterprises. But there's still one piece missing from the jigsaw puzzle. At the moment, you need to use dedicated programs to access Second Life and compatible worlds. Today, however, the emphasis is on using the browser as a kind of universal platform. What we need is a way of access Second Life et al. from the browser. They're coming:

It's a spinoff of "Xenki", an XBAP program designed to run Open Sim and Second Life within a browser-- developed, of course, by fellow Open Sim colleague Adam Zaius, who just released the source code. There's at least one other full-fledged web-based Second Life viewer in development, along with AjaxLife and a number of other limited use web/cellphone apps for using SL.

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