The OS, the Ballmer, the teen and her mother


Steve Ballmer got more than he bargained for at the recent Gartner ITExpo in Florida, when he was confronted on stage by Yvonne Genovese - an early adopter of Vista. Genovese explained that she felt the need to revert back to XP merely two days after caving to her 13 year old daughter's request to install Vista for those "neat little things called gadgets."

Ballmer defended the operating system, claiming there was "a lot of value in Vista". Ballmer also claims that Service Pack 1 would address "a lot of the customer feedback". However, that remains to be seen.

Five years in the making and plagued by several delays, Vista has been a subject of scrutiny before it was even released. Now that it's out, the operating system has been criticised for being more difficult to implement, bigger, more resource heavy, clunky and cumbersome to use.

Back in January, at Vista's launch, the bald one predicted Vista would be adopted five times faster than Windows 95 and twice as fast as Windows XP in the first three months. Sales reached 40 million by May, however analysts are quick to note that sales have been boosted as most of the units of Vista are pre-installed on hardware, so sales of the packaged OS have been considerably less.

What are your thoughts on Vista? Is it worth the hype?

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