The Impact Mozilla Challenge


One of the reasons that Mozilla is so important is that it is at the forefront of open source marketing – using the community to help move the project forward and to increase uptake. Here's the latest wheeze: the Impact Mozilla Challenge:

Propose a Plan

Impact Mozilla is an open contest—we're giving anyone and everyone a chance to solve a critical Mozilla marketing challenge. We're even allowing contestants to use internal data and resources to address this key marketing issue. Once you've looked at our problem, submit the summary of your solution along with an executable plan. Whether you're a student or a start-up, this is your chance to make a difference.

Solve a Critical Issue

Retention marketing is one of Mozilla's key challenges. For example, over time we know that tens of millions of people have downloaded Firefox, but don’t continue to use it today. How do we get these past users back? And how do we keep future users active once they've downloaded Firefox?

Your team can tackle this retention challenge or pinpoint another marketing challenge and propose a solution. Acquisition marketing? Social media marketing? International marketing? As long as your strategy is thoughtful and quantifiable, the choice is yours.

Now the ten finalist have been chosen, and it's up to you to vote (all that's needed is an email address):

The following criteria are set as guidelines for voters to consider:


A detailed—yet easily understood—outline of the goals and milestones of your strategy will set a second-stage plan apart. Specific action items, a timeline, a line-by-line budget and due dates are highly recommended.


It should be instantly clear how the success of your strategy will benefit Mozilla as a business. A basic analysis of competitor solutions and a bottom-line statement of how your executed plan will improve Mozilla marketing are imperative.


Successful second-stage plans will demonstrate an understanding of background data and use analytics to project concrete, measurable goals. These plans will also describe the exact method by which the results of the plan will be measured, including empirical definitions of “success” and “failure”.

Time to get voting....

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