The Burning Issues in Global Sourcing


Over the last few years the offshoring and global sourcing market has changed beyond all recognition. The credit crunch, globalisation, emerging markets and the impending shift in economic power between G8 and BRIC are all factors that are having a considerable impact on the offshoring market.

These topics of discussion will all feature at this year’s NOA offshoring and global sourcing day, which takes place on the 15th July at legal advisor’s Lovell’s at Holborn in London. An insight into global developments will come from China, The Philippines, India and South Africa.

Trends on the offshoring and global sourcing space will come from Ovum, Forrester and Equaterra. The day will also feature case studies and a Question Time session will allow the delegates to ask all the burning questions they have ever had about the global sourcing space to a panel of experts. If you are interested in attending, please go to:

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