TalkTalk adopts Netsuite's on demand apps

TalkTalk Direct, the fixed line broadband business is investing in CRM software to raise service levels.


TalkTalk, the fixed line telephone company from the Carphone Warehouse is investing in customer relationship management software (CRM) to raise service levels.

The Carphone Warehouse is deploying customer relationship management (CRM) software as a service (SaaS) to better manage its customer base and corresponding increases in customer service and fault resolution requests.

Andy French, TalkTalk head of information systems said the communications and broadband provider had been using two CRM packages to process new customer and fault management operations, but began a move over to a single, standardised system a couple of years ago.

The company has since increased its strategic reliance on the NetSuite CRM+ SaaS, having licensed more than 1,300 seats and gone live with the system two months ago. It plans to initiate a second deployment phase with a major new release that will allow it to take advantage of more features.

“NetSuite CRM+ gives us a single front door to the business for direct sales and fault provisioning,” said French. “It allows customer services to have visibility of a customer’s service details and history from first resolution teams in TalkTalk through to second and third level teams in Carphone Warehouse, on the network side of the business. It enables better and faster customer service resolution.”

TalkTalk recently hit the headlines, having acquired the AOL UK broadband business and its 2.1 million customer last month. Reports claimed disgruntled customers complained that TalkTalk's operations were poorly integrated, with staff tasked with wholesale broadband sales unable to deal with local loop unbundling (LLU) problems, and vice versa. But there are no current plans to migrate AOL UK’s business onto the NetSuite platform.

French said the NetSuite deployment had been in progress before the company become the subject of unfavourable headlines, but that they did “speed up the implementation schedule” in response to perceived customer service gaps.

“The speed of implementation was a big benefit,” said French. “We were able to respond to business demands more quickly because of the hosted nature of the software.”

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