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By Richi Jennings (@richi ).[Updated: Woz gives his reaction to the sad news] Steve Jobs is dead. He was 56. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder lost his battle with his health yesterday. Jobs is survived by his wife and four...


By (@richi ).
[Updated: Woz gives his reaction to the sad news]

Steve Jobs is dead. He was 56. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder lost his battle with his health yesterday. Jobs is survived by his wife and four children.

  • On the one hand, he will be sorely missed.
  • On The Other Hand... No; today there is no 'other hand.' Rest in peace, Steve.

Plus, today's skateboarding duck: A stunning, monochromatic tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs...

Agam Shah reports:
Steve Jobs...has died. In 2004 he underwent surgery to treat a rare form of pancreatic cancer. ... [In] early 2009 [he] took six months off to treat...a "hormone imbalance" that made him appear gaunt and pale...he underwent a liver transplant. ... [On] Aug. 24 he announced his resignation as CEO, with Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook taking over.
Jobs will be remembered as a computer visionary but also as a maverick. ... Jobs also ran the hugely successful Pixar Animation Studios for almost 20 years. ... After his return to Apple in 1996...Jobs launched a string of products that were admired...for their elegant, sometimes daring design. ... Jobs had an uncanny knack for reading future trends in computers and consumer electronics.
He helped ignite the PC revolution with...the Apple I, which he introduced with...Steve Wozniak. ... [They] became friends after meeting at Hewlett-Packard in 1971. more.png

Here's Apple CEO Tim Cook:
[He was] a visionary and creative amazing human being...a dear inspiring mentor.
[H]is spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. ... No words can adequately express our sadness. more.png

Robert Scoble speaks for many who feel bad for complaining about Tuesday's Cooknote:
Dear Tim Cook: I'm sorry. I gave you a tough time today. ... I didn't get why you didn't come out with bigger news. ... Now we know.
Truth is you had something deeper to deal with. The fact that you, and your team, went on stage, knowing that Steve Jobs was close to death, is a testament to your professionalism. ... I feel guilty because I gave you a tough time about your first press conference. ... I owe you an apology. ... My heart is with you during this tough time.  more.png

And Renee Blodgett wears her heart on her sleeve:
Steve Jobs has the kind of effect that Princess Di had on the world. Yes, really. ... He moved people to stretch beyond their own limits and beliefs and build something more. Be something more. ... Steve created technology that has been a life changing experience for all of us.
I honor and bow down to Steve Jobs for his brilliance, his creativity, his genius and his commitment to making technology “beautiful.” ... Living in Europe gave me an appreciation for design...not something we relish in the states, and yet Steve Jobs says, we must.
Great products aside, his alignment has been an instrumental part of Apple’s success. Alignment is the of holy grail leadership. ... It’s what changes history.  more.png

Last word goes to Steve himself, from his 2005 Stanford Address:
No one wants to die. ... And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  more.png

Update: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke on early-morning TV earlier:
When I heard the news, my mind just went blank, like I'd been clobbered with a hammer. ... A lot of the memories, thing we did together...the way that Steve thought...his leadership from the early days... It's like my head is swirling.
He was always trying to move to the next level, to the next level, the next level. ... Steve really excelled as like the most person and technology person in the world. ... When Steve introduced something, millions of people would buy it that instant, because they trusted it.
It's so sad for all of us...are we gonna miss what that would have brought us in our future? more.png

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