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It is time for IT to stop being a whipping boy for the failure of other management functions to plan and execute properly.

That is not the main thesis of a long, thoughtful blog post on CWUK by Richard Steel, the Newham CIO, but it is one that generalises to all IT professionals, no matter what sector they work in.

I should be past caring, but I still find it infuriating that the term “computer error” is bandied about to explain any and every failure in customer service –whether they are internal or external customers.

Richard is quite right when he states, “My personal view is that, increasingly, the complaints we hear about IT are not rooted in the IT systems we supply and support, but in the businesses' management.”

Part of the fightback in the public sector at least could be the move by the government’s CIO Council to intervene in major public sector IT projects where whistleblowers raise concerns.

We will have to wait and see if the CIO council can deliver. It is no good encouraging people to come forward with concerns – and most project failures are well flagged up in advance – if the subsequent intervention is weak.

Let’s see some ministers and permanent secretaries held to account in real time for the failures they preside over, rather than years after the event.

Elsewhere, fellow blogger Casandra raises an important point today too by highlighting a National Grid warning about the possibility of power cuts and brownouts this winter. Cassandra pinpoints a host of practical questions IT managers need to consider. Energy efficiency is not just a matter of being green...

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