Spreading OpenID


I wrote recently about OpenID and its potential. But there's a fairly serious obstacle to its adoption:

The first problem many end users are facing is finding an OpenID provider. Maybe you know that OpenID is a decentralised single sign-on (SSO) system which simply means that no one owns it and that you can choose from different providers which is very positive for users, of course; they can choose a provider they trust and which fits their needs. At first it might be a little bit confusing choosing a provider but just think of email providers. There are countless of them and many are offering a different set of features. The same applies for OpenID providers.

That's what a new site called Spread OpenID says, whose aim is to spread the use of Open ID by helping users find a provider:

We have sent a survey to some more well-known providers - some didn’t reply and two did not want to participate - and asked about the features they are providing. The choice of providers shouldn’t be misleading to you, though. The number is limited because it was confusing to most people to have a list of 50 or even more providers and quite frankly, it made things a lot more easier for us as well. Our list of providers will expand over time, though. If you favour a more complete list just have a look at the wiki on OpenID.net. Browsing that list is especially recommended if you are looking for a provider from your own country or a provider you have heard good things about already.

OpenID just got easier.

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