Ryan Cleary is or is not a LulzSec leader; Take your pick

By Richi Jennings (@richi). Spare a thought for Ryan Cleary, the 19 year old Essex "geek" at the centre of the latest LulzSec twist. Arrested by the UK Police Central eCrimes Unit under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act, he is said to...


By Richi Jennings (@richi).

LulzSec logoSpare a thought for Ryan Cleary, the 19 year old Essex "geek" at the centre of the latest LulzSec twist. Arrested by the UK Police Central eCrimes Unit under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act, he is said to be a major player in the Lulz Security organization. However, LulzSec deny that he's anything of the sort.

  • On the one hand, it's widely thought that something must be done about these so-called cyber terrorists.
  • On The Other Hand, this is certainly "something," but is that good enough?

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Robert McMillan reports:
[Police] declined to name the 19 year old man, but LulzSec identified him as Ryan Cleary ... [saying] he merely operated an ... IRC server used by the group and was not a leader. ...  "Clearly the UK police are so desperate ... they've gone and arrested someone who is, at best, mildly associated with us. Lame."
LulzSec's very public attacks of ... the U.S. Senate, the [CIA] and companies such as Sony and [PBS] have put the group in the ... spotlight for weeks now. ... Law enforcement is taking its activities seriously. ... Gaining access to the ... IRC server used by LulzSec, could give law enforcement ... the identity of the group's members. more.png

Paul Carr is safe for work:
Given enough internet-enabled typewriters, a mentally subnormal monkey could ... [do] what LuzSec is doing ... except that mentally subnormal monkeys have better things to do. ... Still, what LulzSec might lack in technical prowess, it ... makes up for in its ability to grab attention.
Ryan Cleary may, of course, be ... innocent but when the group's leaders are rounded up ... none of them will turn out to be attractive, outgoing, 30-year-old women.
The members of LulzSec are either modern-day versions of ... Leblanc's fearless gentleman thief for whom the risk of capture was part of the thrill, or ... grade A imbeciles (spoiler alert: it's the second one). more.png

When in Rome, do as Nick Farrell does:
It appears that [Cleary] might have been grassed up by the hacker group Anonymous. ... Cleary was a member of Anonymous ... until he tried to arrange a coup and take over. ... Anonymous outed Cleary and published his details. ... It was no doubt this which lead Inspector Knacker ... to his home.
Anonymous would consider Cleary's arrest a result. ... His arrest provides the outfit with a damn fine way of keeping its membership in line. ... It is hardly a result that police can be pleased with.
Meanwhile, the rumour is that Lulzsec has a coup of its own. ... Members of Lulzsec have been hacked by another group - TeaMp0isoN ... [which] said that LulzSec did not represent the real hacking scene ... [and] that Lulzsec should stop telling themselves that they are hackers. more.png

And Anna Leach shines a light on the matter:
LulzSec seem to have more of a leadership structure than ... Anonymous. Cleary pissed off Anonymous ... by trying to set up more of a leadership structure.
While the leadership and better organisation of LulzSec might have helped it achieve the more audacious raids ... it has also made it much more ... vulnerable to the police ... [who] are looking for targets to make examples of. We don't expect ... LulzSec members to get off lightly. more.png

Meanwhile, Darlene Storm is full of foreboding:
This doesn't look like it will have a happy and warm-fuzzy ending. ... Can't we all just kinda get along? ... All this fighting can smudge all hacker hats; ... each side seems to believe their hat is ... white by noble intent.
Each side believes it is filled with heroes while the other side is filled with terrorists. ... This is the way it has always been ... but now we are openly waging war on each other. ... I hope we don't all turn into griefers. more.png

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