RWEST energy trading floor improves software quality with CAST

Energy trading floor RWE Group Supply & Trading (RWEST) is deploying a new software quality system from CAST.


Energy trading floor RWE Group Supply & Trading (RWEST) is deploying a new software quality system from CAST.

The CAST Application Intelligence Platform will be used to perform structural software quality analysis on key systems for software risk management and mitigation at RWEST.

RWEST's RWE parent owns npower, the "big six" UK energy provider which has been plagued by billing system problems.

RWEST employs 1,500 people and hosts the biggest energy trading floor in Europe, and has affiliate offices located in Prague, New York, Singapore, Den Bosch, Mumbai and Geneva.

With the business overseeing the supply and trading of electricity, gas, coal, oil, CO2 certificates, and biomass in physical and derivative form into multiple markets, maintaining a solid and efficient IT infrastructure is the challenge for CAST.

RWEST says it wants to take proactive measures to safeguard itself from IT failures caused by increasing systems complexity, which could potentially increase risk and inhibit future change.

It opted for CAST’s Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) to perform structural software risk analysis on key systems. This will complement the traditional quality testing activities it already performs on the functional properties of systems.

CAST AIP helps RWEST more effectively manage the high level of complexity present in RWEST’s systems, meaning teams can now "go way beyond what traditional testing solutions offer" and look at structural quality across technologies, systems and layers, said RWEST

RWEST says it is now able to identify "significant structural issues and software risk", such as robustness or performance, before that software goes into a production environment, meaning far less time and money is wasted on poor quality systems.

On top of this, CAST has enabled RWEST to better maintain and improve its systems, which will make future change simpler and less costly, RWEST said.

Andrew Mountford, enterprise architect for RWE Supply & Trading, said: "We now have clear insight into eventual and harmful consequences associated with poor software architecture, and a means by which this can be tackled in a sensibly prioritised and effective fashion."

He said: "CAST has not only given us the tools to analyse the structural integrity of our software, it has provided us with the ability to better develop more intelligent IT solutions so we can confidently manage all current business responsibilities."

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