Round-up: The HMRC data breach

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has lost 25 million child benefit records and chairman Paul Gray has resigned over what is just the latest of a series of security blunders. Read all our essential coverage here of the disaster and its fall-out.



Chancellor squirms, revenue and customs chief quits over 25 million lost records

Chancellor faces up to UK's worst-ever data breach

Emails confirm HMRC kept bank details on lost discs to save money

HMRC kept bank data on lost discs to save money, Tories claim

Consumers distrusted government data security before HMRC scandal

MPs slam government over failure to encrypt disc data

Chancellor under fresh fire over HMRC data loss

Data protection minister did not know about HMRC breach

Probe into HMRC data leak to report in three weeks

Government admits Data Protection Act under scrutiny

Reactions from IT and security communities

HMRC data loss was theft, claims Abagnale

HMRC breach must act as security warning, say IT leaders

Security experts savage HMRC over data regime

Banking security

Gartner: UK banks could be forced to close accounts after HMRC data loss scandal

Banks deny chancellor's claim that they delayed HMRC data announcement

UK banks insist online accounts are secure despite HMRC breach

What next for ID cards?

Government stands by security of ID cards data plans

HMRC crisis puts spotlight on ID cards

Data sharing in the public sector

ICO targets organisations and individuals in push to criminalise data leaks

Information commissioner demands more power after HMRC data breach

Government CIO warns against more giant databases

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HMRC kept bank data on lost disks because of cost, Tories claim Government CIO warns against more giant databases