Release of Eclipse Grid/Cloud Computing Tool g-Eclipse


As you may have noticed, one of the hottest buzzwords currently is cloud computing. Eclipse, on the other hand, is *still* one of open source's greatest secrets – hugely ambitious and gaining ever-wider support. Put the two together, and you get g-Eclipse, whose first major release has just appeared:

The open-source g-Eclipse project has had it's first major release. It started over two years ago with the support of the European Union initiative; with further development now under the umbrella of the Eclipse foundation and other European projects. Version 1.0 of g-Eclipse has been released with support for grid middleware solutions g-Lite, GRIA and Amazon's Cloud storage platforms, EC2 and S3.

Given the power of Eclipse, and continuing popularity (for the moment, at least) of cloud computing, this should be an interesting project to watch.

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