Ready for a Spot of Drizzle?


Everyone knows that MySQL is storming away in certain sectors, but what about extending that success to fashionable areas like Web apps and cloud computing by stripping out everything except the absolutely core?

Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Query Cache, and Prepared Statements are gone for now. The field types have been simplified and there is an open debate about the SHOW commands (I am falling into the camp that think they may just belong in the client application but not in the server).

Will any of this go back in? It is hard to say. The goal right now is to target a certain class of applications/developers and see if this is useful. As an example:

1) Web based apps.
2) Cloud components.
3) Databases without business logic (aka stored procedures).
4) Multi-Core architecture.

What are the bigger differences in philosophies?

Adopt external libraries, use open source mechanics for contributions, keep to an open style of communication, and remove the line between internal and external development. Essentially do what I have been referring to as "Organic Open Source". We have focused on C99, POSIX and autotools based systems. We have taken to a very micro-kernel design where code is being removed from the center and pushed out to the edges via interfaces. We are taking a Linux/Apache tightly coupled design for modules.

Sounds interesting. Nice name, too: I look forward to a spate of cloud-oriented Downpours and Squally Showers....

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