Ovum offers interactive technology procurement tool

Analyst Ovum is offering an interactive, on-premise tool to help companies "choose the right system at the right cost".


Analyst Ovum is offering an interactive, on-premise tool to help companies "choose the right system at the right cost".

The analyst house's internally developed Ovum Interactive Decision Matrix (OIDM) can be downloaded for free from its website by clients, and allows them to input the key criteria for their procurement decisions.

The OIDM will suggest key suppliers in the technology market of interest and will help come up with a suggested supplier. Companies can also add their own suppliers to the ones suggested by Ovum, and they can then use the technology and procurement criteria supplied by Ovum to ask those suppliers the relevant questions related to the system they require.

Ovum sees the OIDM as a more flexible and interactive supplier intelligence and procurement process than those offered by other analyst houses like Gartner, Forrester and others, who mainly offer their clients orthodox reports.

Maxine Holt, Ovum's enterprise solutions practice leader, said: "As the product landscape becomes more diverse, it's becoming increasingly difficult to assess capabilities on a like-for-like basis.

"However, this process can be simplified using the Interactive Decision Matrix, as Ovum has already done the research to help shortlist potential candidates."

Based on Ovum's technology evaluation and comparison reports, the OIDM assesses technology vendors on market impact, customer satisfaction, and technology. Each of these consists of six to 12 specific criteria as standard, although users can adapt this to include the most relevant criteria to their business.

Users can add up to three additional products and up to 30 additional features for comparison.

The OIDM currently covers the core technologies of identity and access management, IT service management, application and software lifecycle management, collaboration, business process management, content management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, information security, and enterprise search.

Ovum undertakes an annual review of these technology areas "to ensure that they are still appropriate and relevant to enterprises". Additional reviews will take place in response to major moves in the market, such as acquisitions.

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