Outsourcing for Green Britain


The green agenda has arguably been the hottest business topic in 2007 and there is little reason to believe that the bandwagon will slow down in 2008.

So how does this have an effect on outsourcing? At present the outsourcing industry is not very green friendly. Data centres burn huge amounts of power, outsourcing manuals use hundreds and even thousands of pieces of paper and the amount of people travel that is involved is astronomical, particularly to monitor an offshore centre.

Outsourcing, like other business processes, must change and is changing. Outsourcing contracts are starting to include environmental conditions. Imagine the headlines – ‘outsourcing saves the world’ – what a turnaround for a much maligned industry!

So how can the outsourcing industry go about instigating a green agenda? The answer is to get a Green Benchmark – a GB as it’s called in the trade. From your GB, an end user can establish a baseline on which suppliers can improve their green performance. Maybe this will see the outsourcing industry put the GB back into Great Britain!

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