OSA Goes Euro


One of the earliest Open Enterprise interviews was with Dominic Sartorio, president of the Open Solutions Alliance. Here's some news from them:

The Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a nonprofit, vendor-neutral consortium dedicated to driving interoperability and adoption of comprehensive open solutions, today announced plans to expand the organization’s global footprint. The OSA will function under a chapter structure with its first new regional chapter planned to address the European open solutions market.

The OSA, which celebrates its one-year anniversary in February, expects to announce several new European members in the coming months. Current members headquartered in Europe include Onepoint, Openbravo, Redmayne-Bentley Stockbrokers and Talend. Many other OSA members also run operations in Europe.

I asked how exactly that would work, and this is what Yves de Montcheuil, who is VP Marketing at Talend and an OSA member, replied:

The chapters will be regional - based per continent. Meetings will mostly be remote (conference calls, web meetings) but will be held physically when members are in the same location, for example for an event (such as Solutions Linux this week).

So, no excuse now....

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